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THE MAYOR: The Age of Riley


The Age of Riley

(run time 00:56;40)


Producer, Director, Writer: Barbara Tranter

Associate Producer: Jennet Robinson Alterman

Original Music Composed by: Charlton Singleton

Videography: Larry Monteith

Editing: Mark McKinney & Steve Lepre



This film is an inspiring story of a white, Irish Catholic man in the American south who provided guidance and compassion to his community for an incredible 40 year period as the mayor of Charleston, South Carolina. 


Entering office just as the Civil Rights movement was taking off in South Carolina, Joseph P. Riley Jr., a Democrat, became America’s Mayor and proved that the only real social change comes from the ground up.  As American politics charged down the path of divisiveness, Mayor Riley sought inclusion and worked to improve his city in every way. 


On June 17, 2015, in the final quarter of his last term in office, he faced “his worst nightmare”:  the tragic massacre of nine African Americans by a young, white supremacist, in the oldest African Methodist Episcopalian church in America.


This documentary will be airing throughout the United States in 2017 on local PBS stations. Click HERE for full listing of air dates, times and stations.



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The Mayor
The Mayor
The Mayor
The Mayor
The Mayor
June 18, 2015
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